Pablo Marqués - brand builder by nature.

February 04, 2019

Purpose is our natural drive.
Purpose keeps us going.
Purpose makes any goal seem achievable.
CAPITA is inspired by men with purpose, and even more when we share the spirit of that purpose.
Pablo Marques is President of Grupo Punto, Ogivly, Neo@Ogivly, Geometry, and Board Member at Alan and Spotlike. His vocation for advertising started at an early age and has been his driving force for helping many international companies to build their brand.
A natural leader who develop people into team members, and understands how to keep up with the challenge of embracing new trends but still keep traditional publicity´s vision accomplishing outstanding results.
We share the conviction of making change happen from our home country Uruguay…work with local resources and human capital to create global impact.
It is good to want more, take a step further, and make things happen.

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