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Tabaré NYC – new Bushwick location!

November 17, 2019

Tabaré NYC – new Bushwick location!

On November 5th we met Diego Pérez Olave, Bruno Gervais and Ramiro Lescano at their new Tabaré restaurant in Bushwick which was meant to be open in 2 weeks. The place was under construction and very much was still to be done but you could picture the original Tabaré signature style where you can tell every piece, fork, glass, or bottle was specially handpicked by the owners.
Anecdote - for the first Tabaré located in Brooklyn they had decided all the wood they would use for the walls had to be second hand, so they started collecting wooden planks from literally everyone everywhere…and the outcome is truly high-end craft.
Diego left Montevideo pursuing diversity, adventure and new opportunities…Bruno sign in for the journey while he continued developing his career as a DJ…and Ramiro came up with the idea a few years later.
Some projects are born naturally and this for sure was one of those.
Needless to say the Uruguayan heritage kitchen is a must-try: morcilla, chorizo, provoleta, chivitos, milanesas and more…
Bushwick - 1006 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Brooklyn -  221 S 1st St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
In Doers we trust. Salut!
Breakfast was at Diego & Bruno Brooklyn's home.
<em>Breakfast was at Diego &amp; Bruno Brooklyn's home

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