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Wooster Vison - Nobuk leather shoes

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  • Descarne leather
  • leather lining and insole
  • 100% leather soles with eva inner-sole and rubber oval insert
  • no laces
  • detail: slightly wax on toe and heel
  • handcrafted in Uruguay

Between a boot and a shoe.

Originally born in 2014 after Nick Wooster...these shoe-boot has become one of our signature models.

"It was a difficult design process at first. We had a picture where he was walking through a parking lot drinking coffee or something...wearing a pair of jeans rolled up in a way you could see the ankles. We didn’t know how to describe his “character”…an opinion leader, a style icon, it was impossible to put a label so we created a shoe on a boot last, something that didn´t exist…"

The confirmation - we met him on July - he picked up our Woosters and said: "this is a cool shoe".



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